Lettro Font Free Download

Lettro Font Free Download

Using this wonderful Lettro font, you can make your unique retro design. The design of this font is inspired by 70 – 80’s retro design, a gorgeous bold script typeface.

Numerous styles are included in Lettro fonts, such as ligatures, alternates, and swashes. They are available in five total layered fonts: 1. Regular, 2. Extrude, 3. Double Extruded, 4. Extrude Outline, 5.Double Extruded Outline.

This font provides you with more contrast with the perfect fitted layer and its title’s bold appearance. Every character of the alternate is organized systematically for the best possible without excluding its features.

Blend all the styles of this font and make a remarkable retro design perfect for signboards, branding, vintage badges, social media needs, t-shirts, retro quotes, packaging, signboards, etc. IT also looks very similar to the beyond wonderland font.

With the help of Lettro font, you can mix modern and traditional styles and achieve a unique design with clean lines, balanced proportions, and geometric shapes.

It is designed in such a way that you can create various types of design projects with the help of this font, from print to digital media.

Lettro Font Design Details

The designers have tried to make this font simple and straightforward, highlighting neatness and readability. The structure of letters is made with geometric shapes like squares and circles and has widths with regular strokes.

These strokes make a balanced and pleasant-sounding look. Many more styles are also included in this typeface, such as ligatures and alternate characters, delivering extra flexibility and creativity for the creators.

Lettro Font

Lettro Font Family

You can use Lettro font in 4 weights: Bold, Regular, Medium, and Light. Every weight’s personality is unique and appropriate for various design applications.

For display text or captions, the Light weight is perfect, while the Regular one is ideal for writing the body text. To write the headings and titles, the Bold and Medium weights create more impact and emphasis.

Lettro Font Applications

Lettro font is a useful one that can be used in many design applications. The simple and contemporary look makes it perfect for logo design and branding.

On the other hand, the readability and legibility make it well-suited for digital design projects and editorial. This font can also be combined with others font to make visual contrast and interest. So, you have combine it with the starlive font.

Lettro Font Availability

You can get lettro font free on our website, which you can easily download and use in your creative designs.

If you want to use it for your personal use, it’s free of cost and available on our website. However, for advertisement purposes or commercial use, you must get its license or ask permission from its Author.

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