Edo Font Free Download

Edo is a hilarious font that belongs to a display font family. This font is designed by a very creative designer named is “Vic Fieger”. He released this font in June 2007 and this font attained very popularity after his released. This font is also … Read More

Synthesia Font Free Download

The Synthesia Font belongs to the Script typefaces fonts. The Developer of this font is Cahya Sofyan who belongs to Bali, Indonesia. It was first available on the internet on November 5th, 2014. Its style is Sans-Serif. It has tall and narrow type characters including … Read More

Fivo Font Free Download

The Fivo Font belongs to the free Sans-Serif typefaces fonts. Its creator’s name is Alex Slobzheninov. Its first appearance was on June 11th, 2017. It is a free neo-grotesque font and its inspiration came from International Typographic styles. This font has a smooth and strong … Read More

Neo Sans Font Free Download

The Neo Sans Font belongs to the Sans-Serif typefaces fonts. It has an appearance like display fonts because of its bold and round look. The designer of this font is Sebastian “Seb” Lester who is from London, England. The official release date of this font … Read More

Fredoka One Font Free Download

The Fredoka One Font belongs to the Sans-Serif typefaces fonts. Its appearance is more like a display font because of its bold and round look. The designers of this font are Milena Brandao who is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and Mats-Peter Forss who is from … Read More

Droid Font Free Download

The Droid Font belongs to the Serif typefaces fonts. Its designer is Steve Matteson who is an American Typeface designer. Its first official release was in 2007. This font’s release was from the Ascender Corporation foundry. The letter of this font is condensing to maximize … Read More

Aqua Grotesque Font Free Download

The Aqua Grotesque Font belongs to the Sans-Serif typefaces fonts. It falls in the category of display font because of the look of its bold characters. Its designer is Laura Pol who is from Venice, CA, USA. She is an amazing graphics and typeface designer. … Read More