Vitrina Font Free Download

Vitrina Font is a script typeface designed by German-type foundry Berthold in 1983. The design is based on 20th-century advertising and display types. It has a large x-height and wide, open counters. The family includes three weights—light, regular, and bold—each with corresponding oblique versions. The … Read More

Someday Font Free Download

Someday Font is a script typeface designed by TypeSETit in 2012. It was one of the first typefaces to be released on the Linotype machine, which made it widely available for lithographic printing. This font was popular for display use in the early 20th century … Read More

Sunday Vibes Font Free Download

Sunday Vibes Font is a script font that was created by designer Jens Kuchel. The font has a very vintage feel and is perfect for any project that needs a touch of elegance. This Font is available in both regular and bold versions, and also … Read More

Karikatura Font Free Download

Karikatura Font is a script typeface that was designed by Typodermic Fonts. It is based on the comic book lettering of the 1960s. The Font family includes five weights (light, regular, medium, bold, and black), each of which includes a set of alternate characters. The … Read More

Atarashi Font Free Download

Atarashi Font is a script typeface that was created in 2006. It was designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa, who is also the creator of the popular Morisawa Font. This font was created with the intention of being a more modern and versatile alternative to Morisawa Font. … Read More

Anugrah Font Free Download

Anugrah Font is a popular script font among graphic designers. It is known for its unique style and readability. This Font was created by Indonesian type designer Yusuf ‘Anug’ Heriyanto in 1997. The name ‘Anugrah’ means ‘grace’ or ‘blessing’ in Indonesian. The Font is widely … Read More

Himsomnia Font Free Download

Himsomnia Font is a script typeface created by Billy Argel and published by Billy Argel Fonts. The font family includes three weights: regular, italic, and bold. Argels goal was to create a typeface that was both stylish and legible, with a personality that would make … Read More