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Rbno2 Font Free Download

Rbno2 Font is a sans serif typeface created by Swiss designer Reto Moser. It was first released in 2012 and has since been expanded to include 6 weights, from Light to Black, each with italics. This Font is characterized by its clean, geometric shapes and … Read More

Ogg Font Free Download

Ogg Font is a serif typeface file format developed by Sharp Type. It is designed to provide high-quality, scalable fonts for use on the Web and other digital platforms. These font files are compressed using the Ogg Vorbis audio codec and can be played back … Read More

Adobe Arabic Font Free Download

Adobe Arabic Font is a typeface designed by Robert Slimbach & Tim Holloway. It is based on the Naskh style of calligraphy and includes a number of features intended to make it more suitable for use in digital environments. Adobe Arabic typeface is available in … Read More

Book Antiqua Font Free Download

Book Antiqua Font is a serif typeface designed by Monotype Imaging. The design is influenced by the fonts of the Italian Renaissance, which were used for printing books. It is a highly readable font that is well suited for body text. This font has been … Read More

Cute Notes Font Free Download

Cute Notes Font was created by Type Associates in 1966. It is an all-caps font with simple, rounded shapes. This Font was influenced by the early sans-serifs such as Futura and Avant-Garde. The most notable feature of the Cute Notes Font is its lack of … Read More

Futura Book Font Free Download

Futura Book Font is a classic sans serif typeface that has been popular for decades. It is perfect for any project that requires a clean and modern look. This Font is available in both regular and bold weights. This font texture displays a perfect blend … Read More

Uni Neue Font Free Download

Uni Neue Font is a sans-serif typeface created by Dae-Hoon Hwang and released through the Hangang Foundry in 2016. Uni Neue typeface family includes 6 weights (Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black, and Heavy) with matching italics as well as 2 variable fonts with 7 axes … Read More