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Gratis Font Free Download

Gratis Font is a popular sans serif typeface that has been used by many designers over the years. Its simple, clean lines make it easy to read, and its versatility makes it perfect for a variety of design projects. This Font was created by Swiss … Read More

Epitet Font Free Download

Epitet Font is a font that was created by Dusan Jelesijevic. The font is named after the Greek word for “adjective”, and it was inspired by classical sans-serif fonts such as Caslon and Baskerville. This Font is a humanist sans-serif font, with a high x-height … Read More

Stradas Font Free Download

Stradas Font, also known as Street Font, is a typeface that was created to be used on street signs in the city of Milan, Italy. The Font was created by A. M. Cassandre in 1929. The name “Stradas Font” comes from the Italian word for … Read More

Friday Vibes Font Free Download

Friday Vibes Font is a beautiful script and unique font that was created by Artimasa. This font is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any project. This font is available in both regular and italic styles. The glyph of this font has a … Read More

Speedwriter Font Free Download

The Speedwriter font is a fancy typeface designed by Neville Brody in 1982. The design was inspired by the work of early 20th-century German typeface designer Rudolf Koch. It is characterized by its heavy, blocky serifs and lack of stroke contrast. However, it has since … Read More

Mason Font Free Download

Mason Font was created in 2006 by Type Associates, a typeface design studio based in London. The font family includes six weights, from Extra Light to Bold, each with italics. The designers of this typeface were inspired by the geometric sans-serifs of the 1920s and … Read More

Sevenet Font Free Download

Sevenet Font is a techno typeface designed by Kostas Bartsokas in 2015. The design is heavily influenced by the geometric shapes of the Bauhaus movement and features a high x-height, wide counters, and a large variety of weights and widths. This Font was originally designed … Read More