Craw Clarendon Font Free Download

Craw Clarendon Font is a classic serif typeface. Its design is credited to John Craw, a lettering artist and sign painter who worked in the early 19th century. Clarendon is a strong, robust font with heavy serifs. It’s often used for headlines and other display … Read More

Nitti Font Free Download

Nitti Font is a serif typeface that was designed in 2006 by Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli. The name Nitti comes from the Italian word for ‘black’, which is fitting given the font’s clean, minimal aesthetic. It was originally developed as a corporate typeface for … Read More

Berlingske Font Free Download

Berlingske Font is a serif typeface that was designed in 1716 by Danish royal printer Charles Berling. The font was used for the printing of Berling’s Copenhagen Post and was later adopted as the official typeface of the Danish Royal Library. Today, It is still … Read More

Whole Foods Logo Font Free Download

Whole Foods Logo Font is the font used in the logo of Whole Foods company. The current logo was designed by Terrence McCafferty in 1991. The font used for the Whole Foods logo is very similar to a font called “Futura Bold”, which is a … Read More

Gravtrac Font Free Download

Gravtrac is a tall, elegant, and modern serif typeface. It was released in 2006 by Type Associates. The name Gravtrac is a portmanteau of the words “gravure” and “track,” which refers to the way the typeface is designed to work with images. This font has … Read More

Sistina Font Free Download

Sistina Font is named after the sixteenth-century Italian typeface designer, Giambattista Palatino. Sistina is a serif typeface with a strong vertical axis. The serifs are bracketed and the overall effect is of a confident, classic design. Sistina was designed in 1996 by Jim Wasco for … Read More

Engravers Font Free Download

Engravers Font is a popular typeface that has been used for centuries. This font gets its name from the fact that it was often used by engravers to create detailed and intricate designs. The Engravers Font is known for its sharp, clean lines and elegant … Read More