Belithel Font Free Download

Belithel Font is a Sci-fi typeface that was designed by Beatriz Diaz in 2017. The font is named after the Elvish city of Belithel in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”. The Belithel Font was inspired by Beatriz Diaz’s love of both Tolkien and … Read More

Transformers Movie Font Free Download

The Transformers Movie Font is a typeface used in transformers films. It was designed by Michael Bay, who also directed the films. The font is based on the original Transformers cartoon series from the 1980s. The lettering style is very similar to the one used … Read More

Batman Forever Font Free Download

Batman Forever Font is a unique font that was created specifically for the movie Batman Forever. The font is based on the lettering of the original Batman comics from the 1930s. The font was designed by Walter Toman and released by Linotype in 1995. It … Read More

Doom Font Free Download

Doom Font is a brush script typeface designed by Alejandro Paul and released through his type foundry, Sudtipos. The family includes two weights, regular and bold, each with an accompanying italic style. The font was inspired by the hand-lettering of 1950s movie posters and has … Read More

Mandalorian Font Free Download

Today we introduce a very interesting typeface named ” Mandalorian Font”. The designer of this font is Iconian Font. This typeface was firstly used in an American tv serial named Mandalorian. This font is made to be inspired by this serial. The Mandalorian serial was … Read More

Exodar Font Free Download

As the World is going into modernism and everyone needs to improve their needs and also presentation so Exodar Font is the best modern typeface. It comes in the regular family designing and is also totally futuristic in shape and calligraphy which looks amazing and … Read More

Stone Font Free Download

Stone font is a member of the Sci-fi font family. This typeface is designed by a well-known designer named Malik Henschel. This typeface has 91 amazing and crazy glyphs and approximately 655 defined natures. Basic Latin (93), Latin-1 Supplement (96). Latin Extended-A (128), Latin Extended-B … Read More