John Mayer Font Free Download

John Mayer Font is a fancy typeface created by Sensatype Studio. The typeface was released in 2019 through an exclusive partnership with Apple Inc. and is used on the album artwork for Mayer’s studio album, “Where the Light Is”. Mayer said of the font, “I … Read More

Chocolate Syrup Font Free Download

Chocolate Syrup Font is a fancy typeface with thick and thin strokes. It is a typeface that was created by American Type Founders in 1896. The face was designed by Linn Boyd Benton. Chocolate Syrup is an ornamental font, which means it is best used … Read More

Penshurst Font Free Download

Penshurst Font is a fancy typeface created in 2004 by British designer Richard Dalton. The design is based on an 18th-century typeface of the same name, which was used by the British printer John Bell. The Penshurst Font design is characterized by its high contrast … Read More

Akka Font Free Download

Akka Font is a unique fancy font created by Akka Design. This font has been used for various purposes, including web design and print design. It was first released in 2006. This font is available in two styles: Regular and Bold. This Font supports Latin, … Read More

Prequel Font Free Download

Prequel Font is a fancy typeface that was created by designer Jonathan Barnbrook. It was released in 2012 and is available in four weights: light, regular, bold, and black. It is also one of the few fonts that include both upper- and lowercase letters. One … Read More

Fantique Four Font Free Download

Fantique Four Font is a fancy typeface created by French type foundry Deberny & Peignot in 1957. The design is based on the grotesque style of the 19th century and was influenced by Futura. Fantique Four Font has been used in many advertising campaigns and … Read More

Maelstrom Font Free Download

Maelstrom Font is a fancy typeface designed by Ingmar Koch in 2009. It is available in two styles, Regular and Bold. It was inspired by the titling lettering of 1950s science fiction movies. It is perfect for headlines, logos, and other display purposes. The Bold … Read More