Strange Days Font Free Download

The Strange Days Font is a calligraphy typeface that was designed to be used in the film “Strange Days”. The font was created by graphic designer and art director Jules Erbit. The Strange Days Typeface has a unique, futuristic look that makes it perfect for … Read More

Lovely Day Font Free Download

Lovely Day Font is a calligraphy typeface created by Kostas Bartsokas in 2013. It has a thin, delicate appearance and its small x-height makes it suitable for use in headings and short blocks of text. The Font family includes 4 weights (light, regular, bold, and … Read More

Wedding Font Free Download

Today, we will introduce to you a new stylish and modern texture called Wedding Font. It is under the category of the calligraphy texture family with unique and elegant projects. This font was developed by a famous graphic designer named Musafir Lab. The online generator … Read More

Happy Birthday Font Free Download

The Happy Birthday Font is under the category of the calligraphy texture family and was developed by a famous graphic designer known as the name of ┬áJava Pep. This font contains various symbols and characters such as uppercase letters, numeric, and lowercase letters, and punctuations. … Read More

Lovesick Definition Font Free Download

Lovesick Definition Font is a calligraphic typeface that was designed by Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones. The font was released in 2000 and is currently used by many publications. Lovesick Definition Font has a unique look that makes it stand out from other fonts. The … Read More

Elegante Font Free Download

The Elegante font is a classic calligraphy font that has been used for centuries in print design. Its simple, elegant lines make it perfect for use in both body copy and headlines. The Elegante font family includes both regular and italic versions, as well as … Read More

Plaster of Paris Font Free Download

Plaster of Paris is a calligraphy font that was created by Intellecta Design in 1784. The font was designed to be used for the French government’s official printing needs. However, the font soon fell out of favor due to its heavy use of ink and … Read More