Segoe Script Font Free Download

Let’s introduce Segoe Script Font, This is belonging to the Segoe family of fonts from Microsoft. This font was designed by a great typefaces designer Steve Matteson. Monotype originally designed this typeface. The Segoe Script (Two Fonts) has elegant handwriting script fonts. It looks like … Read More

Barbie Font Free Download

Barbie Font is stylish and eye-catching that created for a fashion doll made by an American toys company named Mattel. The inventor of this beautiful Barbie doll is Ruth Marianna Handler. He produced this attractive barbie doll in 1959 and is still demanded toy in … Read More

Seaport Font Free Download

We are going to introduce a new ultra-modern font named Seaport Font that is belonging to the Script typeface family. This high-quality handcraft font was designed by the great typefaces designer Font Forestry. This is FontForestry’s first font that has been released for purchase. This … Read More