Nexa Font Free Download

Nexa Font is a type of Sans-Serif typeface family. This textured style is designed by Svet Simov and released by the well-known font foundry named Fontfabric. This typeface contains refined and readable appearances.  This typeface comes with a family of its own. This font style … Read More

Frutiger Font Free Download

Frutiger Font is the type of Sans-Serif typeface font family. This typeface is designed by a Swiss designer who has also many famous fonts and this typeface is also one of them named Adrian Frutiger in early 1960. He named this font style after his … Read More

Nunito Font Free Download

Many are looking for a font that carries many textures like heavy, bold, wide, classic, and rounded. Nunito Font carries all these qualities. This font was originally designed by Vernon Adam. This font is designed with a rounded texture which gives a pleasant and readable … Read More

Quicksand Font Free Download

Today we are going to present a sans-serif style Quicksand Font. This font style is designed and published by a designer named Andrew Paglinawan in the year 2008. This typeface is specially designed for display purposes. It’s meant to be for display purposes, yet it’s … Read More

Merriweather Font Free Download

Merriweather Font is the type of Sans-Serif typeface font family. This font texture is designed by a designer named Eben Sorkin. This font style comes with a wide family of its own. Each style can support many languages. Every style has both uppercase and lowercase … Read More

Againts Font Free Download

Againts Font is the type of Script typeface font family. This Font style is designed by a designer name Ramandhani Nugraha. This typeface is inspired by the ink and tints’ hand-drawn font texture. This font style contains brush drawn styling font appearance. It has come … Read More

Doctor Signature Font Free Download

Let’s introduce a typeface that is a type of calligraphy font family named Doctor Signature Font. This typeface is designed by a studio that has also designed many famous calligraphic font styles named Putra Cetol Font Studio. This font style was made to inspired by … Read More