Sans Serif

Devlys 010 Font Free Download

In this post, we will introduce to you a very elegant and good-looking texture that is known as the name of Devlys 010 Font. This font was developed by Satpal Singh and looks like the Hindi typeface and belongs to the sans serif texture family … Read More

Myanmar Font Free Download

Today, introduce to you a very elegant and attractive typeface. The Myanmar Font is a popular sans-serif texture that was designed by a famous graphic designer named John Hudson. This font has neat and straightforward text that is suitable for various types of designs and … Read More

Rockstar Font Free Download

In this post, going to introduce to you a bold and straightforward texture that is known as the name of Rockstar Font. It looks like the sans-serif texture family and was developed by Andhi Yulianto with a bold, neat, and clear texture look and it … Read More

Domestika Font Free Download

Domestika Font is a sans-serif typeface created in 2006 by Spanish graphic designer Borja Flores. The font was designed to be used on the Domestika website, a platform for online courses. The font is available in two styles, Regular and Bold. The Font has a … Read More

Rondana Font Free Download

Rondana Font is a sans-serif font that was created by Jovanny Lemonad in 2013. The font is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any project. This typeface was inspired by the work of early 20th-century French designer Rene Lalique. The font features intricate … Read More

Single Day Font Free Download

Single Day Font is a font that was created on 2016 by Toshi Omagari, a typeface designer from Tokyo, Japan. It was created with a goal of being a versatile sans-serif typeface that can be used for both body text and display purposes. Single Day … Read More

Algoria Font Free Download

Algoria Font is a unique font that was created by Sealoung, a Belgium-based company. The font is named after the company’s founder, Albert Goris. The Algoria Font has a very distinctive look, with its thin strokes and large letters. It is available in both regular … Read More