Slab Serif

Arvo Font Free Download

Arvo Font is the category of the Slab Serif typeface font family. This bold and heavy-weight font is designed by a designer who has also designed many famous bold typefaces and this font style is also one of them named Anton Koovit. This font style … Read More

Marlboro Font Free Download

Marlboro Font is a member of the Slab Serif Font family. This amazing typeface is designed by Dieter Steffmann and a font-creating organization took the charge and publish this font style in 2000 for the very first time. Marlboro is basically an American Brand of … Read More

Consolas Font Free Download

Let’s introduce a monospaced typeface that is known as Consolas Font. The designer of this typeface is a notable dutch type designer Luc de Groot. He is also the head of Fontfabric foundry. This typeface is a chunk of the ClearType font collection and it … Read More