Catarina Devon Font Free Download

Catarina Devon Font is a popular sans serif typeface that was created by British type designer Catarina Devon. The font was released in 2012 and has since been used by many major brands, including Apple, Google, and Microsoft. This Font is available in both regular … Read More

Nise Sega Sonic Font Free Download

Nise Sega Sonic Font is a sans serif typeface created by Sega Corporation in 2006. The name “Nise” comes from the Japanese word for “imitation” or “fake”, and “Sega” is an abbreviation of the company’s name. The font was designed to be used in video … Read More

Bajern Font Free Download

Bajern Font is a sans serif typeface created in 2006 by Swiss designer Reto Moser. The name Bajern is derived from the German word for Bavaria, where Moser was born and raised. The font was inspired by the neo-grotesque typefaces that were popular in the … Read More

Nafta Brush Font Free Download

Nafta Brush Font is a brush typeface inspired by the hand-lettering of the 1950s and 60s. It is perfect for headlines, logos, and other display uses. The Nafta Brush Font family includes three weights (light, regular, and bold) and each weight includes four styles (regular, … Read More

Ephemera Fascia Font Free Download

Ephemera Fascia Font is a display typeface created by American designer Steven Bonner. The face is named after the scientific term for a temporary, self-produced structure. Ephemera Fascia Font was designed to be used in headlines and display settings. Moreover, you can also try gucci … Read More

NFL Font Free Download

NFL Font is a display typeface used for the lettering of National Football League (NFL) teams. It was created by William Boyd and Vogue magazine in September 2008. The Font was designed to give each team its own unique identity, while still maintaining a consistent … Read More

Elan Black Font Free Download

Elan Black Font is a display typeface designed by Jeremy Tankard in 2002. The design is based on classic grotesques, with slightly condensed proportions and humanist detailing. The family includes 5 weights, from light to black, each with matching italics. The fonts are optimized for … Read More