Super Mario Font Free Download

Super Mario Font is a video game font created by Nintendo. The font is used in the Super Mario series of video games, as well as other Nintendo games. This Font was created by Shigefumi Hino, a Japanese graphic designer. The font is based on … Read More

Dancing Donuts NF Font Free Download

Dancing Donuts NF Font is a fun and unique font that was created by Nadine Chahine. The font is named after her daughter, who is also the inspiration for the design. This Font is a display typeface that features dancers in a donut-like shape The … Read More

Cocomelon Font Free Download

Cocomelon Font is a typeface that was designed for the YouTube channel Cocomelon. The channel’s videos are mainly educational children’s songs that teach counting, the alphabet, and shapes. The font was created to give the Cocomelon brand a consistent look and feel across all of … Read More

Rapor Font Free Download

Rapor Font is a display typeface inspired by vintage sans serifs. It features clean and sharp lines, making it perfect for headlines, logos, and other short text. This Font was created by Type Associates, a type foundry based in the United States. Rapor Font is … Read More

Nostra Font Free Download

Nostra Font is a display typeface that was designed by Mario Feliciano in 2013. Nostra Font has been used by many brands and publications, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and W Magazine. This Font is a display typeface with a humanist design. The typeface is characterized … Read More

Braggadocio Font Free Download

The Braggadocio font is a popular display font that was created in the early 1990s. The font is named after the character in the children’s book series “The Famous Five” and has a distinctive hand-drawn look. This font was created by British designer Ray Larabie … Read More

Lhf Convecta Base Font Free Download

Lhf Convecta Base Font is a display typeface created by American type designer Charles Bigelow in 1997. The design is geometric sans with humanist influences and includes six weights from Extra Light to Bold, as well as corresponding oblique versions. Lhf Convecta Base typeface was … Read More