Titulo Font Free Download

Titulo Font is a typeface designed by Mexican graphic designer Raul Barquet in 2002. The font was inspired by the title sequence of the 1960 film Spartacus. Titulo typeface is a fancy typeface with strong geometric shapes. The thin strokes and simple shapes give the … Read More

Rebornx Font Free Download

Rebornx Font is a popular fancy typeface that was created by Xin Ch. It was released by Microsoft in the early 1990s and has been widely used since then. The format is proprietary and not well-documented, which has led to some problems with compatibility and … Read More

Lemonlove Font Free Download

Lemonlove Font is a typeface that was designed in 1873.  Lemonlove Font is considered to be one of the first typefaces designed specifically for use on typewriters. Lemonlove Font was created by Eliza R. Snow, who was a typeface designer in the early days of … Read More

Prisma Font Free Downlaod

Prisma is a fancy font designed by Rudolf Koch in 1929. It was released by the Klingspor Type Foundry in 1930. Prisma font has some unique features that make it distinctive. It has a slightly narrower body width and a taller x-height. Additionally, the letters … Read More

Indie Rock Font Free Download

Indie Rock Font is a popular font choice for many rock bands and music artists. The font has a rough, distressed look that conveys a sense of edginess and rebellion. It is often used to give posters and flyers a gritty, underground feel. It was … Read More

Campus Font Free Download

Campus Font is a fancy typeface that was designed by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger in 1957. Max Miedinger was a Swiss typeface designer who is best known for his work on the Campus Font. The typeface was commissioned by the Haas Type Foundry and … Read More

Kinky Font Free Download

Kinky Font is a fancy font that was created in the early 1990s. It was designed to be used for writing code and applications. The name “Kinky Font” comes from the fact that it was created to be used by people who are kinky, or … Read More