Playfair Display Font Free Download

Let’s introduce a new Serif typeface called Playfair Display Font. This transitional typeface was designed by Claus Eggers Sørensen. In 2012, the designer publically release this font that provides the right notes of charm, credibility, and ingenuousness at the same time. This typeface has extensive … Read More

Metropolis Font Free Download

Metropolis Font is an ultra-modern and amazing typeface. This typeface is a family member of the Serif typeface that was designed by Chris Simpson. This excellent font is perfect for logo designs and brands. It has a sharp and clear look and the textures of … Read More

Vogue Font Free Download

Vogue Font is a member of the Serif typeface family. This fashionable font is designed by the notable typefaces designer Vladimir Nikolic. He is also well-known for other famous typefaces and created around 40 high-qualities typefaces. This font was inspired in 1982 by an American … Read More

Palatino Font Free Download

Palatino Font is another great Serif typeface family that was designed by a great German typeface designer Hermann Zapf. He designed many other typefaces in his field and is also known as a great graphic designer He designed this font in 1949 and published it … Read More