Slab Serif

Courier Font Free Download

Courier Font is a very fabulous or great typeface that falls into the category of Slab Serif. This amazing typeface is designed by Howard Kettler. This typeface has a very unique, fashionable character set. Its cute and special character makes very nice of your text. … Read More

Clarendon Font Free Download

Clarendon font is a new slab-serif typeface that is very famous in the font industry and also famous among designers and users also. The amazing typeface was designed by a very notable and creative designer Robert Beasley that released this font in 1845 via Fann … Read More

Slovic Font Free Download

The Slovic Font belongs to the Slab-Serif typefaces fonts. Its family consists of almost all kinds of typefaces including Serifs, Slab Serifs, Semi Serifs, and Sans Serifs. The designer of this font is Plamen Motev who is from Sofia, Bulgaria. He is a professional typeface … Read More

Arturito Font Free Download

The Arturito Font belongs to the Slab-Serif typefaces fonts. It falls in the category of Semi-Slab and the Display fonts because of its bold look. Its designer is Christian Tornier who is from Rosario, Argentina. The official release of this font was in 2019. The … Read More

Glegoo Font Free Download

The Glegoo Font belongs to the Slab Serif font typefaces. Its designer is Eduard Tunni, who is also the creator of many other google fonts. This font’s official release was in 2011. Its publisher is Google Fonts. This font is really popular on Google Fonts. … Read More

Courier New Font Free Download

Courier New Font is a slab-serif typeface that was designed by Howard Bud Kettler and later redesigned or upgraded by many different graphic designers to make it more legible and attractive. This typeface was created specifically for the IBM Selectric series as a typewriter display. … Read More

Roboto Slab Font Free Download

Roboto Font is the type of Slab Serif typeface font family. This typeface is designed by a designer who has also designed many famous typefaces and this font is also one of them named Christian Robertson. This font style is a member of the Roboto … Read More