Arturito Font Free Download

Arturito Font Free Download

The Arturito Font belongs to the Slab-Serif typefaces fonts. It falls in the category of Semi-Slab and the Display fonts because of its bold look. Its designer is Christian Tornier who is from Rosario, Argentina. The official release of this font was in 2019. The original publisher of this font is Rostype. The inspiration for this font is from the Machintosh 128k typeface.

This typographer of this font is Rostype. It has 339 characters in total including upper and lower case glyphs as well. It is such a great font to use on magazines, posters, and other print media because of its bold and eye-catching look. Its license is under EULA. This font is fully free to use for all kinds of usages. arvo font is a pretty close alternative to this font on our website.

The edges of its characters have bold and square shapes but they are not sharp like other fonts. The edges of its characters are very smooth and round. That is what makes this font so unique. It is best for techno-type themes and gaming posters as well. It is very good for using in outer-space theme designs.

Who Used Arturito Font?

This font is mainly in use for designs that have a techno theme. This font has Semi-Slab Serifs and it makes it more suitable for retro and techno themes. It is excessively in use for gaming posters and also for the flyers of gaming competitions. It is also seen widely in print form on the video game machines in gaming zones.

Many of the designers have this font in their favorite fonts library. This is because of its unique and sweet kind of look. They use it in all kinds of designs. It is even in use for making covers of music albums. This font is seen on billboards of different businesses and companies as well. It is also seen on the covers of many books.

The best use of this font is for making Logos. Many designers make bold and full of fun logos by using this font very often. Reviews of designers are very positive about this font and they say that all their clients love this font. Web apps and Mobile apps developers are also using this font for their apps because it is fully free.

Arturito Font Family Appearance

Arturito Font View

Details in Table

NameArturito Font
DesignerChristian Tornier
StyleSlab Serif
File FormatOTF, TTF

Font License Guide

This font is fully free for all kinds of usages. If you wish to use it for your business or any other commercial purposes, you are free to use it. It is better to read the license agreement first.

Alternatives of Arturito Font

Family of Arturito Font

  • Arturito-Regular

Arturito Font Free Download

If you want to download and use this full of the fun font for free. Then just click the download now button below and enjoy using it for free.

Supported Languages

Cyrillic, Romanian, Spanish, Greek and Dutch Kurdish (Latin), Vietnamese in Latin, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, Turkish, French, Arabic, Greek, Kazakh (Latin), Czech, Icelandic, Basque, Estonian, Irish, Croatian, Belarusian, Hebrew, Thai, Luxembourgian, Russian, Portuguese, Belarusian (Latin), Swedish, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Serbian (Cyrillic), English, Urdu, German, Persian, Hungarian, Danish, Serbian (Latin), Lithuanian, Slovenian, Latvian, Slovak, Finnish.

FAQs About This Font!

Who is the owner of  Arturito Font?

The creator of this font is the owner of this font. Christian Tornier is the creator and owner of this font he has all the copyrights to this font. Its license is under EULA and its publisher is Rostype Foundry.

Does Netflix use Arturito Font?

No, Netflix does not use this font. The font Netflix use for their logo is Graphique which is a creation of Herman Eidenbens in 1945. Now Netflix uses a font very close to bebas neue font.

What does Arutito mean?

In the context of this font, Arturito does not mean anything. Although, it is a name in the Spanish(Latin) language. This name is used for boys in Latin countries.

Is Arturito paid font?

No, this font is not a paid font. It is free and always will be free. User is free to use this font for all kinds of usages. Whether it is personal or commercial usage.

Is Arturito Font available in windows by default?

This font is not available in windows by default. If you want to use it in windows applications then just click the download now button above in the download section and install it manually in your windows.

Is Arturito a PowerPoint Font?

No, it is not a PowerPoint font. This font is mainly for use in graphic designs. Although, you can use it in PowerPoint for fun purposes by downloading it from our website and installing it manually.

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