Crimson Text Font Free Download

Crimson Text Font is a popular serif font. Crimson Text texture has a long history dating back to the early days of printing in the 15th century. The Crimson Text typeface family was created by Dutch type designer Jan van Krimpen in the 1920s. It … Read More

Timeless Font Free Download

The Timeless Font is a classic serif typeface that has been around for centuries. It was first used in the 15th century and has been widely used ever since. The Font is known for its clean, simple lines and its elegant, classic appearance. The Font … Read More

Sandy King Font Free Download

Sandy King Font is a typeface designed by American type designer StringLabs. The font was released in 2006 through the Font Bureau foundry. King began her career as a graphic designer but later transitioned into type design after taking classes at the Rhode Island School … Read More

Electra Font Free Download

The Electra font is a serif typeface that was designed by W. A. Dwiggins in the early 1920s. The design is based on geometric shapes and has a very modern look. The font was first used in the advertising of the Boston Electric Company and … Read More

Zelda Font Free Download

Zelda Font is a serif typeface with a unique and eye-catching design. It was created by designer Artsy Omni. The font is inspired by classic advertising posters and features a modular construction that makes it easy to create interesting compositions. Each style contains 486 glyphs, including … Read More

Albra Font Free Download

Albra Font was created by Jürgen Weltin in 1965. The font is named after the city of Alba, Italy, which is where Weltin was born. The Albra Font has a unique design that makes it stand out from other fonts. The Albra Font was created … Read More

Made Canvas Font Free Download

Made Canvas Font was created by Type Associates in 1984. The design is credited to Tom Carnase and Ronnie Grover. It is an all-caps typeface with sharp, clean lines. Made Canvas Font was inspired by the geometric sans-serif typefaces of the 1920s. While Made Canvas … Read More