Whitney Font Free Download

Whitney Font Free Download

Today we present you with a new typeface named Whitney Font. This typeface is very famous in this era because this font has very unique glyphs and characters. This typeface is created by a very well-known designer named Tobias Frere-Jones.

This font is released through a very notable foundry named Hoefler & Co. This foundry already published many fonts and all typefaces are very famous in the font industry. This font has 244 characters in its regular style.

This is a humanist sans-serif typeface that gained much popularity in this time period. Many designers and developers utilize this typeface in their designs. This font has tall and sharp edges characters that give your design an amazing look.

Who Used Whitney Font?

This typeface is also famous due to its pairing function. You can easily combine this typeface with Avenir Font. Many fashion designers also utilize this font in their products to make them fancy and more attractive.

You can easily utilize this font in many visible places like in brochures, banners, pan flex design, display design, business cards, art & illustrations, and many more. With the help of the generator tool, You can also generate this typeface easily without any limitation.

This font is not present in the google font store. You can also download this font alternate from google store any other font store. This font is available for free on this website.

Whitney Font Family Appearance

whitney Font

Details in Table

NameWhitney Font
DesignerTobias Frere-Jones
LicenseFree for commercial use

Font License Guide

This font is free for commercial use. If you want to utilize this font free for commercial then you don’t have to purchase this file for your device.

Alternatives of Whitney Font

  • Whitney SC Font
  • Newtext Rg BT Font
  • High Billion Sans Font
  • Frutiger Neue LT Font
  • Teen Font
  • Myriad Pro Font
  • Archer Font
  • Frutiger Font
  • Milliard Font

Family of Whitney Font

  • Whitney Medium
  • Whitney Medium Italic
  • Whitney Bold
  • Whitney Semibold Regular
  • Whitney Book Regular
  • Whitney Semibold Italic
  • Whitney Book Italic
  • Whitney Light Italic

Whitney Font Free Download

If you want to download this font then you can press the download now button below and your downloading will start right away.

Supported Languages

French, Arabic, Greek, Romanian, Kazakh (Latin), Czech, Spanish, Greek and Dutch Kurdish (Latin), Vietnamese in Latin, Ukrainian, Polish, Luxembourgian, Russian, Portuguese, Belarusian (Latin), Swedish, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Serbian (Cyrillic), English, Urdu, German, Persian, Hungarian, Danish, Serbian (Latin), Lithuanian, Slovenian, Latvian, Slovak, Finnish. Italian, Turkish, Cyrillic, Icelandic, Basque, Estonian, Irish, Croatian, Belarusian, Hebrew, Thai,

FAQs About This Font!

Is Whitney font free?

Yes! This font is free for commercial purposes. because this typeface is not under the limitations of the author.

Is Whitney a web font?

Whitney font is a sans-serif typeface that is already used on many different websites. This font is largely demandable in this time period.

What font is similar to Whitney Font?

There are many typefaces that look similar to this font but the most similar font is Archer Font and Myriad Pro Font.

Can I use Whitney Font for my brochures?

The font is also very useful for your brochures and many other projects. This font is also very ideal for logos and titles.

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